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Dubai Garden Glow- Zabeel Park

Sharing is Caring FacebookGoogle+PinterestTwitterStumbleUponLinkedinemailTumblrPrintRedditDiggFlattrThe Dubai Garden Glow is one of the new attractions in Dubai, UAE and is now in its 3rd season. The Garden Glow is a uniquely themed edutainment park featuring environment-friendly exhibits with various structures created with recyclable products. One can experience 3 theme parks  in this venue: The Dinosaur Park, that… Read More Dubai Garden Glow- Zabeel Park


GlamBox –August 2017 Rocking Summer- Review

Sharing is Caring FacebookGoogle+PinterestTwitterStumbleUponLinkedinemailTumblrPrintRedditDiggFlattrGlamBox is one of the famous subscription boxes in UAE for both men and women that gives  5+ beauty products every month. The concept is very simple and interesting. You take the subscription for 3 months, 6 months or a year. ( and every month your box of surprises arrives at your… Read More GlamBox –August 2017 Rocking Summer- Review

India, Kerala

Getaway from Bangalore -Bandipur and Wayanad

Sharing is Caring FacebookGoogle+PinterestTwitterStumbleUponLinkedinemailTumblrPrintRedditDiggFlattrAfter an exchange of several hundreds of messages on our WhatsApp group, it was decided that the destination for our weekend trip was Wayanad. As we were 6 of us, we rented out a Scorpio from  Zoom car and set out from Bangalore on Saturday, at 3 O’clock in the morning. We… Read More Getaway from Bangalore -Bandipur and Wayanad

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Exploring Dubai beyond the shopping malls

Sharing is Caring FacebookGoogle+PinterestTwitterStumbleUponLinkedinemailTumblrPrintRedditDiggFlattrDubai is known as the entertainment capital of the Middle East. The Emirate is renowned for the shopping malls, futuristic architecture, and exuberant nightlife. As we had already visited almost all the enormous malls in Dubai, We decided to explore Dubai, beyond the shopping malls. The best time to visit is November-March (December… Read More Exploring Dubai beyond the shopping malls

India, Kerala

Bekal -A visit to my native land

Sharing is Caring FacebookGoogle+PinterestTwitterStumbleUponLinkedinemailTumblrPrintRedditDiggFlattrBekal is a small village situated in the northernmost district of Kerala, Kasargod. This place happens to be my native too. We visit here to attend the functions at our family temple every year. Bekal is famous for the Bekal fort, which is the largest fort in Kerala. There is also a… Read More Bekal -A visit to my native land

Travel Tips

Travel Essentials for your next trip

Sharing is Caring FacebookGoogle+PinterestTwitterStumbleUponLinkedinemailTumblrPrintRedditDiggFlattrPacking for a trip can be a grueling task. I am used to adding a lot “just in case” stuff to my luggage which is totally unwanted. Recently, I managed all my necessary stuff in one backpack for my three-day trip to Fujairah. Hmm! I am getting better at packing every time… Read More Travel Essentials for your next trip

International, Malaysia

The Jewel of Kedah-A paradise called Langkawi,Malaysia

Sharing is Caring FacebookGoogle+PinterestTwitterStumbleUponLinkedinemailTumblrPrintRedditDiggFlattrAbout: Langkawi is a cluster/archipelago of 104 islands on the Malaysian west coast. Langkawi is officially known as Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah. The islands are the part of the state of Kedah, Malaysia. According to the folklore, Langkawi’s name came from two Malay words – ‘helang’ (eagle) and ‘kawi’ (reddish brown):… Read More The Jewel of Kedah-A paradise called Langkawi,Malaysia

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Fujairah – the land of mountains, forts, and beaches.

Sharing is Caring FacebookGoogle+PinterestTwitterStumbleUponLinkedinemailTumblrPrintRedditDiggFlattrIt was our anniversary on the 25th of May, and the best way to celebrate it was to explore a new city together. So we decided to go to Fujairah, a lesser known emirate in the UAE. Fujairah is situated on the east coast. About Fujairah: It is one of the seven… Read More Fujairah – the land of mountains, forts, and beaches.

India, Mahabalipuram

An Ancient land called Mahabalipuram

Sharing is Caring FacebookGoogle+PinterestTwitterStumbleUponLinkedinemailTumblrPrintRedditDiggFlattrMahabalipuram, also known as Mahamallapuram is situated in Kanchipuram district of Tamilnadu.  It is famous for the monuments built in 7th -8th centuries by the rulers of the Pallava dynasty.  The monuments are listed on the world heritage sites list. Mahabalipuram is around 30 minutes far from Shollinganallur (the place we stayed).… Read More An Ancient land called Mahabalipuram

India, Mangalore

Beach Hopping in Mangalore

Sharing is Caring FacebookGoogle+PinterestTwitterStumbleUponLinkedinemailTumblrPrintRedditDiggFlattrI am a Thalassophile-Lover of the sea. The infinite sea never ceases to amaze me. Having spent my entire life near the coast, the sea is something that always soothes my soul. This article is about the beaches in Mangalore. Mangalore is a coastal city in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. It… Read More Beach Hopping in Mangalore