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Mangalore-My City

Mangalore is my birth place. The city where I completed my schooling, college, and my Engineering. In short, it is more of an emotion. Each and every aspect of my life is linked to this wonderful place.

So I dedicate my first blog to this wonderful city 🙂

Mangalore some facts:

Geographically Mangalore is situated between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. It is about 350 KMs from the state capital, Bangalore. It is district headquarters for the Dakshina Kannada district. The total area of the city is 132.4 SQ. KM

Mangalore got its name from the deity Mangaladevi.This city is also known as Mangaluru in Kannada, Kudla in Tulu, Kodial in Konkani, Maikala in Beary and Mangalapuram in Malayalam. It is probably only one city with so many different names.

The city has all 4 ways of transport. It has an International airport, a major sea port and well-connected roadways and railway.

Mangalore is also the Education Hub of Karnataka, with over 15 Engineering (NITK, Surathkal being the rank 1 engineering college and MIT (Manipal) being second), 8 Medical, 3 Dental, 12 MBA, and 58 Graduation colleges in and around the city.

It is one of the fastest developing cities in recent times and has been included in the Smart city mission of the Government of India.

Specialties of Mangalore

Mangaloreans are famous for the friendly nature. We are very helpful and hospitable when it comes to our guests. Mangaloreans are foodie people. We love our cuisines and would choose them over any other food in the world. Cuisines like Fish Rava fry, Kori Rotti and Chicken Sukka, Chicken Gassi, Pathrode, Pundi are all worth dying for. 🙂 (Aah! My mouth is watering already).

The traditional art form of Yakshagana has originated from our city. A typical Yakshagana performance consists of background music played by a group of musicians (known as the himmela); and a dance and dialog group (known as the mummela), who together enact poetic epics on stage. Also, the Buffalo race in dirt track known as Kambala is our traditional sport.

Temples, Beaches, Cathedrals and Chapels, Lighthouses are key points of interest in Mangalore.One can easily travel to the main tourist attractions in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, and Kodagu and Chikmagalur districts from Mangaluru. I will be covering these places in my upcoming blogs.

Hope you enjoyed your read!! Cheers!


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