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Georgia -The plan

We were thinking of visiting Georgia for a long time. I had seen several beautiful pictures of the place in friends’ FB pages.Also, I have never seen snow before (except for in snow city, Malaysia). So this was one of the must visit places in my mind.I had enquired about the trip with various travel agencies, but the plan was never really executed.
This weekend, hubby and I were a bit free (read he did not have any calls scheduled for Friday and Saturday!) and we decided to spend the weekend outside our home (for a change :|). Initially, the plan was a day trip to Musandam, but after several rounds of discussion, we finally decided to visit Georgia.Yayy!!

Fingers crossed we contacted the tour agency in Dubai on Wednesday and asked if they could book tickets for next day.(they were really surprised by our request).And finally we did manage to book our tickets for Thursday night and also the hotel reservation was also done for three days. The charges were bit overpriced, but it was solely because of our mistake of last minute booking.
I couldn’t help but jump with joy.

Visa was not an issue because UAE residents with valid passport and residence permit are allowed Visa on arrival in Georgia. By 5 PM on Wednesday we got our air tickets, hotel reservation vouchers and travel insurance by mail. We were all set to leave on Thursday night (12 o’clock in the night) from Dubai.
Since it was fly Dubai (cheapest flight available at such a short notice!) we had the luggage limit of only 7kg per person.

We are yet to shop for the necessities. Gadauri is a very cold place, so we are off to buy new jackets and shoes for me (he already has his winter wear)

Watch out for our upcoming blogs for our Georgia experience.

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