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Dubai Garden Glow- Zabeel Park

The Dubai Garden Glow is one of the new attractions in Dubai, UAE and is now in its 3rd season. The Garden Glow is a uniquely themed edutainment park featuring environment-friendly exhibits with various structures created with recyclable products.

One can experience 3 theme parks  in this venue:

  • The Dinosaur Park, that displays more than 100 animatronic Dinosaurs.
  • The largest glow-in-dark garden in the world made of 10 million energy saving bulbs and recycled luminous fabric.
  • The  Ice Park created with 5000 tons of Ice and maintained at a temperature of -9 degrees Celsius.

Where: Area B, Zabeel Park,

               Gate 6 & 7, Dubai

Tickets: AED 60 per person (free for kids below 3 years and people with determination)

                 AED 40 per person for Ice Park (Not included in Garden Glow Tickets)

How to reach:  Nearest metro station- Al Jafliya (red line). 

Timings: 4 PM-12 AM ( best time to visit 5:30-6:30 PM as you can watch the park transform from ordinary to magical.)

Recommended time: 3-4 hours

Dubai Garden glow
                                                              The Entrance (decked up for 2018 already)

We decided to tour the Dinosaur park first. The Park has 100+ life-size Dinos that move and make noises, thanks to the state-of-art animatronics. There are placards in front of each dino with all the information about the dinosaur. This place is really interesting if you want to learn more about these extinct beasts.

Then we visited the Dinosaur lab and the Museum, which showcases the life and afterlife of the dinosaurs. From eggs to fossils!

Dubai Dino, Dinosaur Park
                                                                    The Dino with eggs and hatchlings.

Next was the Glow garden.  The 3rd season’s theme is “Underwater” and many of the installations are based on that theme. Also, there are various sections like the happiness street, the happy forest, candy land, colorful tunnels etc. There is something mystical about all the twinkling lights and glowing flora and fauna. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Dubai Garden glow
Flavour of Arab
The UV tunnel

Aqua world
Dubai garden glow
                                                                      The traditional Abra (wooden boat)
Dubai garden glow #mydubai
The candy land
The Happy Forest
The stunning reflection in the pool
The heart tunnel

The main stage

The Glow garden also offers live performances and musicals throughout the park at the fixed times. There is a food pavilion that sells snacks like falafels, tornado potatoes etc at a reasonable price. The happiness street has a local market selling handmade bracelets, toys and sand art. You can also move around this park in a cute Panda buggy.

This theme park emphasizes on sustainable development and creates awareness about the global warming, the pollution, and waste- recycling. It is surprising to know that all the products used here are recycled.

The Lights and the installations are enchanting at first. But as you walk through the garden, it kind of becomes monotonous.

Last but not the least, We visited the Ice Park. This was the best among the three parks. There was an additional entrance of 40 AED. There is a buffer zone where they provide you with winter jackets. Once inside, the temperature is -9 degrees C.

There are amazing sculptures like the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Emirate towers, The Airbus (Emirates airlines), Camels, chariots etc all made of Ice.  Though the place is tiny and there is nothing much to do inside (other than taking photos), visiting a place with -9C in Dubai is a unique experience in itself.

Entrance to the ice park
Ice tunnel

Overall, I felt that the ticket prices are pretty expensive for this park, considering that the Miracle Garden (Another great Dubai attraction) entrance costs only 40 AED. This place is great to take your kids to but maybe not if you are an all adult group. 



31 thoughts on “Dubai Garden Glow- Zabeel Park

  1. I went to the Garden Glow a couple of years back, it was newly opened that time and it was its first year. I loved the displays but found it slightly high priced then. They didn’t have the ice park at the time, seems like that’s a new addition and an interesting one! I love how brightly lit the place is, the pictures come out amazing. Your pictures are great!

    1. Thank you, Medha. Yes, the Ice Park is a new addition this year. And I totally agree 60AED for entrance is expensive, even by Dubai standards 😉

  2. This place looks awesome! Not going to lie, the dinosaur park is the one I would be most excited about (still a kid at heart), but the Neon hues of the Glow Park and the intricate sculptures of the ice park look fun too. It’s particularly pleasing to hear about the emphasis on sustainability and raising awareness of global warming.

  3. I have had a few layover in Dubai, mostly visited Burj Khalifa, now after reading your amazing review and photos on Garden Glow- Zabeel Park, I have something else to look forward to.

  4. I’ve been a few light shows and glow shows before but this blows them out the water, all the different areas look stunning but the the UV tunnel really sticks out 😀 And those Ice sculptures looks incredible – I hope to get out to Dubai at some point and will definitely pay the garden show a visit.

  5. Oh my gosh! Incredible! I’ve never heard of this place before, but what an epic “edutainment park!” Dubai seems always to top itself! The dinosaur and ice sections look amazing, but I think my favorite is the glow-in-the-dark park. The happy forest made me happy, and the heart tunnel went straight to my heart! 😉 🙂 Haha! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I live in Dubai for 7 years .. Have never visited there ???? But ur pictures makes me wanna go now .. That’s it I m going this weekend .. These ice sculpture looks stunning

  7. The heart tunnel reminds me a bit of Dubai Miracle Garden – which is the number one thing on my Dubai bucket list although this Garden Glow looks absolutely magical too! I love the fact that it’s environmentally-friendly. It’s amzing the things they built out of recyclable products.

    1. Hi Jas,
      Miracle Garden is really beautiful with all the incredible topiaries.Even I was glad that all the stuff used in this garden was eco-friendly.

  8. Awww – you really make me wanna travel to Dubai. All this lights – incredible!
    Thanks for posting this article – have a lovely day, Martina

  9. This looks like a great attraction, love that they are using recycled materials. Reminds me of Vivid Sydney Festival. I will be sure to check it out next time I am in Dubai

  10. A Dinosaur Park, a glow-in-dark garden and an Ice Park! That sounds just perfect for my nine year old niece. Dubai is really going places with all its creative entertainment options. May check it out myself next time we go.

  11. Oh Dubai Garden Glow- Zabeel Park looks so very pretty all lit up at night, what a great way to spend a night. Definitely adding this to my list next time that I am in Dubai.This is a nice change from the beach and resort posts on Dubai

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